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December 20, 2022 at 8:10 AM
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Don't Use Them - Horrible Communication

As you have read in the other reviews (that I failed to look at before going with RMC to service our loan) is the communication is horrendous. I would send texts, emails and phone calls and not get a response for days and this was during the week we were supposed to close. I ended up reaching out to the loan processor which was exceptionally helpful! I was told we could lock our rates and 60 days prior to close and could re-lock at any time, when the rates started to drop, I reached out to my loan officer advising I wanted to change our rates and again, crickets! I ended up getting another loan estimate from a different lender and sent it to them and they finally called and responded with a lower rate but not the one I was being offered by the other lender. If it wasn’t so close to our closing date, I would have gone with the other lender. I wish I would have been a bit more diligent; we would have shopped around more. If you want my advice, go with a different lender, one that will explain every step of the way what is going on and will stay in constant contact.

Cheryl's Tip: Make sure you shop around!

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Ohio
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