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December 03, 2016 at 10:47 AM

Lack of time, attention, and response

Dominic was a referral and came highly recommended by a competitor, who was not able to provide as beneficial of a deal at his current company.The competitor has done my loans in the past. First let me start by saying, I am not a credit challenged. My issue is a 45%ish debt to income, due to a bonus structure that is not consistant. Regardless, I own two homes now, and did not have any issues purchasing them.I do not have any late payments, and my score is good to excellant. My intentions were to refinance to conventional and drop PMI. Dominic was too busy to help. He was too busy to present scenarios. He was too busy to talk, and told me he would call back two seperate times, and did not. I sent numerous emails to his assistant and had every document required, and the online application done the 2nd day. Fast forward the end of the second week.The final straw was our last conversation, me calling him mind you (after he did not call back the last time, when he stated he would). So I call again. Mind you it's now Friday and around "happy hour time". Wow, he answers in the midst of music and very loud background conversation, only to rudely tell me, my debt to income is too high, and he can't help. If I only could have recorded the condescending tone! My point is this. He could have helped, had he cared. You see, EVEN IF, the conventional couldn't get done to drop the PMI, due to the LTV being too high, there are alternate options. In my opinion, he is just another Scottsdale pretentious snob, who doesn't demonstrate professionalism. After all, what is somebody's word worth.

Deborah's Tip: Guaranteed Rate appears to be a good company, but I would seriously think twice about giving your business to this man.

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