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Real Estate Professional
29 days ago at 1:10 PM

We Do Not Recommend

From the beginning, we had to ask and ask again for information on the progress of the file. We received brief, condescening, passive aggressive responses to our inquiries. At the end when the deal was obviously not closing on time, his excuse was "I am just the broker. I am waiting like everyone else is." So, he claims to have no control and is basically no help at all. He repeatedly promised to keep everyone updated and then never did. It was truly one of the most frustrating experiences of a 20+ real estate career.

Loan Officer
Conventional Tennessee

June 21, 2023 at 11:28 PM

Poor Communication, Transparency

After 7 weeks he finally gets back to me with a laundry lidt of issues. Couldn't reach anyone while he was out of the country on vacation gor teo werks. Finally emails a week kater and state’s underwriter will not alliw for all verifiable income from source and further matches tax return. He refuses to confront the U/W and therefore ends the deL. He does not return phone calls and hides behind email. Was promised at tbe start that a weekly update would happen every week, never happened. Would never confirm interest but tried to sell me on buying points, a nightmare experience.

GJ's Tip: Find an honest firm and loan clerk.

Loan Officer
FHA 15 Year Fixed Texas

October 03, 2014 at 3:48 PM

Negligence and Miss Direction

I began loan process, obtainted pre-approval, and provided everything as requested. Melissa continued to reassure me that she was structuring the loan for success and that each step of the way she was communicating with her manager and underwriters. Hours before we were scheduled to close (which had already been delayed by her several times) the loan was canceled by Fairway. I took my loan to another company and within 11 days I was sitting at the closing table fully funded. I understand if she could not complete my loan but I was very upset that she did not communicate and that she led me astray knowing in the back of her mind that the possibilities were not good with Fairway.

Loan Officer
Conventional Colorado
Loan met my needs