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29 days ago at 8:15 AM
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Honest Review

My original loan officer left the firm abruptly without warning and with less than 30 days to closing Dream Finders had to scramble to find me a new loan officer which in itself was not a smooth process. I called daily and received the same generic message that everything would be ok and to keep going with the flow. Finally, I was able to reach my loan officer Tracy and he was a little flustered that I was two weeks from closing without a lock in rate and little information in my file. He asked me if we could start the process again by submitting all new documents and pulling my credit again. I agreed and he was able to get my file pushed out and rates locked in by the following day, which made up for the previous loan officer dragging her feet and abruptly leaving. After working with Tracy, I started working closely with Trevia Walker to close the loan and she was awesome. She was always one call or one text away. She kept me updated as much as possible, which I really appreciated. She worked really hard to close the loan by the closing date. Although we didn’t close on time because the construction portion was not completed we were able to close the following week. Also, I want to say my sales rep Maggie Layton was fantastic from start to finish. She really sold the dream product and has amazing customer service. Overall my experience wasn’t bad and it certainly wasn’t smooth on the financing side. However Tracy and Trevia did a great job fixing the issue and getting me numbers two weeks prior to closing. I would recommend Dream Finders! One more thing, I wish there weren’t so many restrictions and limitations on structural and builder upgrades based on the dream finder level your home is. If the client is willing to pay for it why can’t we have it.

Tyler's Tip: Even when the dream team is telling you everything is “great” or “good to go” please follow up and stay on them. Your file could potentially be seating somewhere not being worked.

FHA 30 Year Fixed Florida
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October 15, 2020 at 8:51 PM
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Excellent Service and very responsive

We had a few hiccups when selling our previous house, Tracy was extremely helpful and responded quickly to all inquiries and request. It made us realize how smoothly our application went and how poorly it could have gone with another lender. Highly recommend.

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Florida
Closed on time
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs