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May 19, 2019 at 11:21 AM

Terrible customer service

Things started off great. Good communication and everything sounded promising, then it all came down. Sam had very little communication with through the whole process, and at one point even "accidentally" blocked me so if he asked me to call him I was unable to reach him because he had me blocked. He constantly changed my loan around and we had to do multiple extensions with the sellers of the property because Sam kept dragging his feet when he told us from the very beginning that he could have it done in the time frame we needed. Multiple times I asked him to call me to answer my questions and he never would call. I had to go through my realtor to get my questions answered. Then he charged my credit card without my approval or discussing it with me first, when thay charge was supposed to be billed in escrow. He knew from the beginning how much money I could bring forward but because my bank statements showed more he said I needed to put it all down. All in all I would NOT recommend Sam or FBC mortgage.

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