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April 06, 2021 at 11:35 AM


When we communicated with Mr. Rick Brown or lack of communication he seemed to be talking down to me asking me questions that we’re not pertaining to the loan process. It made me very uncomfortable so I had my husband to do the talking with him. The day of closing was so chaotic and unprepared. We signed the paperwork prior and did the wire transfer as required. The lady from the title people called Jet Home Loan and that Rick Brown should be calling us after waiting two hours after the closing he calls when we agreed had the key. I felt that if we were a Caucasian family things worked have been handled differently. I say that because another family that we referred had similar issues. I would not recommend Jet Home Loan to anyone else.

Kenyatta's Tip: Don’t use Rick Brown

VA 30 Year Fixed Florida
Loan met my needs

December 27, 2020 at 10:45 AM
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Amazing Experience

Rick Brown was so helpful during the mortgage process. He is very competent and made the process streamline and less stressful. He is very organized and sent updates throughout the loan process and worked quickly and tirelessly for our approval. Our rate was lower than expected as well, great loan officer and great lender. He responded to our calls quickly and adequately every time.

David's Tip: Highly recommended lender and loan officer!!

VA 30 Year Fixed Florida
Closed on time
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs