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10 days ago at 3:12 PM
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Micheal was very helpful and replied fast to all my inquiries. Closed on time and everything was so far so good.

NEVINE's Tip: You have to be patience as they keep asking for lot of the same documents again until the last day before closing. Don’t get stressed, just keep going on until it’s done!

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Closed on time
Responds quickly
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March 07, 2021 at 7:32 PM

Bumpy but funded

My experience with Jet was not the best. The Loan Officer was responsive to questions but was usually dismissive and had a standard "that is just the way it is" attitude. My wife and I have excellent credit and the underwriting process was pretty seamless but the closing was horrible. The day of the closing ,that was known and confirmed by Jet over 2 weeks in advance, was pretty bad considering the Loan officer either did not schedule the final inspection or forgot to do it so our loan was not funded right away. So we sat for an hour while the Title office called anyone that they could at Jet....no answer. Finally after 90 minutes our loan office was contacted and said "ummm.. could you go to lunch and come back later after we get the inspection down on your newly constructed home? We cannot fund it until that is done...I apologize for the inconvenience." So I am not sure if this is a Jet problem with process or just an oversight from the Loan Officer. Either way.... this is not acceptable to be at the Title office and having to wait on your lending company to fund the loan. After leaving and fuming while I got into the car to go to lunch , we get an email saying "Ok we will fund the loan and make an exception" I would hope so , because it was their fault this hold up happened. After 30 minutes of signing documents and 90 minutes of wondering what JET was doing with the funding of the loan, we final got our keys and moved in. In summary...I would NOT recommend Jet. The only good thing out of the process was that the lender paid many of the closing costs if we used this lender...now I know why.

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Florida
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs

December 31, 2020 at 2:24 PM

Do use if you have another option

This was the 4th time we've gone through the mortgage process and I hope it's our last. But if we have to go through this process again Jet Mortgage will not be on our list. Mr. Lyons and Felicia lied to us. They played with the closing date changing it from what the builder told us. The builder said the closing date was to be around 30 Dec 20.Shortly after we decided to go with Jet and not Chase and the appraisal was done, the closing date went to the 11th then the 18th of Dec 20. I knew that was a lie and told them that they can close on that date but we weren't. The house was not scheduled to be finished until just before the closing. Furthermore, Felicia put our loan number and exact loan amount with someone else's information that had a prior foreclosure in Deltona FL.. We've never lived nor owned property in Deltona FL. no have we ever had a foreclosure in our lives. She also lied to me about having to "verbally" verify my employment with me when I had already furnished their company with the verification access from my employer. (I'm still waiting for her call and we've already closed). We had the money but decided to go with Jet because the builder paid the closing costs. But maybe we shouldn't have. I don't know what the future holds for Jet Mortgage and I wish them well. But maybe they shouldn't hire people like Michael Lyons and Felicia. Anyways we're moving on and putting this behind us. Despite of it all. Happy New Year to all!!!

Angel's Tip: Look elsewhere!

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Florida
Loan met my needs