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April 09, 2019 at 9:17 AM
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From start to finish, any questions that I had Jonathan was there immediately! Jon made the process for us smooth and took the stress off of our backs and helped us , especially as first time buyers and all the questions we had, he was there through the whole process . Jonathan was upbeat and positive yet truthful and willing do give all into satisfying our needs and what we were looking for, yet also making sure it was a home that we could afford. I am so glad that I worked with him and his team, I would never recommend anyone going anywhere else as I had worked with two prior mortgage companies.. and it was disappointing. my husband and I attended a seminar not thinking we were ready to buy our home but in actuality we just had a few things to do and it took a few months and we were ready to go! If you ever think for a moment that your plans are too far-fetched, I highly recommend that you take a first time buyer or a first-time seller program with blue water mortgage at elm Grove realty. You will not regret it, it is knowledgeable and they will help you along the way from start to finish if you are dedicated on your end to do what you need to do to own a home. Thank you so much Jonathan! We cannot be any more satisfied and we are loving our new home!!! I am forever grateful for the team that I work with and Wanda Rodriguez as well as my realtor. I truly had the best team! I am so excited to be living in my dream home and making memories for years to come!!

Tamera's Tip: Always ask questions, no question is dumb. Be serious and set goals, work hard to maintain those goals and your lender will work just as hard to do what he /she can to make sure your dreams come true . Always be truthful, they pull your credit before buying, so if there's something that you are not telling them, they will find out and you don't want things to fall apart during closing. Be logical on your expectations and home that you can afford.

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