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October 05, 2016 at 2:26 PM

FHA Loan Approval

Generally a horrible and overly stressful loan process. The complete lack of communication until I was completely fed up was the worst customer service I have ever received. It felt like we repeated everything every week right up until the morning that the loan finally closed. My wife's employer was contacted four times in the span of a week asking for the same information, and the lender even contacted my wife's employer to verify MY employment(I have never worked at that facility or even in the same line of work). Nothing was explained, but they assumed that we knew what all of the terminology and lingo meant. The only way I seemed to get any results was after I called the owner of the company and he started working on the loan.

Jan's Tip: Be aware and ask a lot of questions.

FHA 30 Year Fixed Colorado
Loan met my needs

July 08, 2016 at 7:54 PM
Recommend's Joe

Steller service

Very easy to deal with and got a great rate. Smooth process and will use again and pass his card onto friends and family

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Colorado
Closed on time
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs

June 09, 2016 at 2:27 PM

Disappointed Customers

To Whom it may concern: My husband and I recently closed a loan with your company. Joe Parker was our loan officer. I wanted to share my concerns with you and the problems that we faced during our loan process. We began in late February early March to search for the refinance that fit our needs. At that time, our current mortgage company had already appraised our house and started the paperwork for our refi. But they wanted to attach a few thousand dollars closing cost. With our credit and the equity that we had in our home we were not willing to pay closing cost. I shopped around and when I came across Joe Parker, he assured me that he could retain a loan for us that had no closing cost. Time after time during the long process he reassured me our loan would be the pay off amount plus any prepaid items. We agreed to go along with the process. Every time we would get the numbers on paper they would be incorrect with closing cost. Joe would assure me that at closing it would all be as he had promised. Unfortunately, at closing the numbers were not as promised. I called Joe as we were signing and he assured me that they "were as close to zero cost as possible". he tried to convince me that because we were going to skip a month payment that would make up for the extra money we had to pay on the loan. Explain to him that that money had nothing to do with what he had promised. We went ahead with the signing and decided to keep the loan because we already paid for an appraisal and did not want to have to pay another appraisal fee to another company. Plus, the process had already taken over six weeks. We barely closed on time and has to do it after hours one evening that was very inconvenient for us. Throughout the six weeks process, I had to constantly inquire about the status of our loan. Joe did not communicate well. I am sure Mr. Parker is a fine human being, but he was not honest in his dealings with us. He ended up paying $1200 more than what we should have for our loan. The intent of this letter is to keep this from happening to any other hard-working American. Most sincerely, Robert and Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca's Tip: Be honest

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Colorado
Closed on time
Loan met my needs

May 18, 2016 at 11:48 AM

Great Job FBC!

Now that we've moved into our new house, I'm happy to recommend FBC Mortgage for taking a stressful situation and coming through as promised. Thanks FBC!

Conventional Colorado