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December 07, 2017 at 8:07 AM

Curtis is Amazing!

Curtis and I have only worked on one deal together so far, but in that one deal, he showed me that he is by far the hardest working LO I have had the pleasure of working with. To say he bent over backwards to get the deal done, is an understatement. He most definitely puts the client (and agent) first and his communication is the best. When most LOs say they will have great communication, they do for the first couple of days and then it's a pain to get a hold of them. Not with Curtis. I would get an almost daily report from him (even if there was nothing new) He kept me in the loop at all times and made sure the transaction would go through. Even though the loan didn't close exactly on time, he is the reason why it closed at all. His work ethic is unparalleled and I would (and do) recommend him to everyone I come in contact with, whether that be another agent or client. Curtis isn't just a great LO, he's a great person. He and I think very similar about putting the customer first and the money will just follow. We don't go after money, we go after people that we genuinely want to help. I could keep going about how amazing Curtis is, but you just need to speak to him and work with him yourself to believe it! Curtis is fantastic and I am so happy to be working with him.

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