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11 days ago at 4:26 PM
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Great Overall Experience

Bruce was friendly but didn't give me the fake over the top friendliness my previous loan officer had. Upon presenting me with a quote I showed him some other quotes I had been given. He then assembled a report that compared all the offers I had received in multiple categories this is what sold me on FBC. I had never realized there were so many different aspects to the life of a loan and its not as cut and dry as I had previously thought. Upon closing Chad Wignall helped out in determining how we could promptly get information pertaining to the manufactured home ID plate and also was a great assistance in helping ensure documents flowed smoothly. Great work Chad and Bruce and I will be referring FBC to lots of friends and family.

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Oregon
Closed on time
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs

November 19, 2020 at 7:15 PM
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Trustworthy Loan officer

Bruce Van Patten is a trustworthy loan officer. He's our loan officer when we purchased our house as well as when we decided to refinance to lower our rate. Me and my wife trusted Bruce 100%. He's always available to answer any question we have during our loan/refinance application. He is friendly and a good person. Thank you Bruce!

Conventional 30 Year Fixed California
Responds quickly
Loan met my needs