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August 16, 2020 at 9:45 PM

BEWARE-terrible customer follow up

The start of the process-the application process and ordering the appraisal went quickly! Done within 1 week! I was thrilled- that was where it stopped. I NEVER heard from the loan officer after that. I was handed off to Lindsay Clay her assistant. She was nice- but my impression is that they are overwhelmed. The process was an unorganized train wreck. We had 2 closings because the documents were drawn up incorrectly for the first one. We didn’t find this out until a week after closing. They sent an independent notary out to close the loan. We had questions the notary was unable to answer- the notary tried contacting several people at Lian Depot as did my husband and I and never got a call back. This was pretty much how the lian was handled. 2nd closing - we were holding our breath and found a wee later that underwriting accepted the documents - (2 1/2 weeks after initial closing). We received 8 closing disclosures. I cannot even Phaethon how it why. We were receiving them days after the loan closed! They all had different closing amount. We did not find out until the notary showed up what the closing amount we were to wire to the bank. We had so many disclosures and could not get answers. They overcharged us by about $1,700. Which was refunded within 10 days of the 2nd closing. The worst part - I found out from the bank - this was a refinance , they were supposed to payoff the lian - they were short by $147.00 because they didn’t figure the interest between the 1st closing and the 2nd closing! I had to go to the old bank and payoff the original mortgage and close the loan. When I say it was a train wreck with absolutely no answers- BEWARE! Research carefully and save yourself a lot of unnecessary aggravation!

Karen's Tip: Do not use Loan Depot

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